 45”Hi Resolution Digital Mobile Billboards featuring full color graphics displays providing unparalleled creative capabilities and premium branding experiences

 7000 NIT brightness screens. Easy Daylight Visibility. No Washout & Over 10x brighter than an HD TV

 GPS and continuous connectivity to the BEASTMODE360 ad server

 Geo-fencing that helps drive retail opportunities

 Marketers can update creative in real-time

 Content changes are deployed to the network in seconds

 Custom packages based on need and budget

25K - 50K Repetitive Brand Elevating Impressions PER DAY

What is DigiStreamView?

On-the-Move Digital Advertising

As our vehicles roam through your designated metropolitan area, your advertisement is continuously being displayed.

Maximum Impact

Our rooftop digital displays are dual-sided bright display panels, so your advertisement is displayed on both panels, increasing your advertisement’s exposure.

Light Bright Constant Exposure

Day or night, your ad will be visible to pedestrians, drivers, and passengers at the right time and the right place on both sides of the roof top display panel.

Right Height Visibility

For street viewers, being roof-mounted and at eye level, the ad’s visibility is optimal. Reaching 25k to 50k impressions per day.

BEASTMODE Rapid Brand Elevation is embarking on a Mission of all Missions by bringing Giving Back and Helping Others to an Entirely New Level of Positive Impact.      
To find out how we are taking Giving to the next level & about joining us on this Great Mission, Please Call Scott @ BEASTMODERapid Brand Elevation  843.352.3410 or via email; Info@BullseyeEverytime.com

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